Within the flower market frame we experimented with our little yellow signs, as a more spontaneous reaction to the place, with this idea of how a simple action can be so full of meaning, which turned out to be very interesting especially for the type of event.

I decided to repeat the action once more but this time condensed in one space, which I thought would perhaps allow for it to generate another space and somehow make the action more powerful.

For this purpose I choose a plot of land between two streets, that makes the space of a crossing, something that work on my favor since the cars have to stop at this point allowing the piece to address an unexpected audience.

Variable dimensions. Yellow plastic tags on the street and existing weeds.
Weimar, Germany

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Sabrina said...

Me encanta este trabajo, claramente me declaro una fan de su obra jajaja. Pero cogiendo seriedad me atrae mucho la presencia de los tags, como pequeñas folres o personas invadiendo un lugar, llenos de color y actitud. Además los tonos de las imágenes son muy cálidos "easy on the eye"