_5 Euros, 3 Hours, 1 Intervention_

We where going a little bit crazy with our projects so one of our professors decided to make this activity to loosen up a bit of the tension. We where given an envelope that reads as follows:
Instant Interventions (5th of Dec. 2006)

Look for a spot or situation in you near surrounding that triggers your imagination. Change it, highlight it, comment on it with a site-specific intervention. Be economic in terms of time and duration – easy does it. Take this as a mental and artistic ‘stretching’, a playful exercise of improvisation in comparison with the work in Jena. “Entertain” yourself – and hopefully others too.

Material: free choice, all you can buy for € 5 or more
When: 3 hours from now on, meeting again at 13:00 in the MFA
Where: outside the MFA within a walking distance of not longer than 10 minutes, on a location of your choice.
How: instant, intelligent, sensible, poetic, open minded……. realizable

Try to be open but concentrated. Be playful, allow spontaneity. Be alert to situations you find in the city. Use the eye, not only the brain. Try to develop the work from the location as a starting point. Work rather like a poet than like a scientist.

We will meet again at 13.00 in the MFA rooms to then go together to the different locations.

Good luck and have fun!

Jesse Hemminger one of my colleagues and I where interest in the same location and decided to work together. This is what came out of it, after funnly losing much time thinking about the paint color we should use for the doors jaja.

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Anonymous said...

Let me get these straight, the envelope said nothing, and you got these idea from it? Was it a class work? or just a fun way of liberating your mind?