+GRASOUFLAGE+ [what is nature]

Since sometimes I work with plants I was invited by the organizers of the 10th Flower Market in Weimar, 2006; for a one-day intervention. I decided to collaborate with one of my colleagues and dear friend Andrea Sirch (Germany). And this is what came out if it. The following text was written for the catalog of the Master project “Weimar, day to day”.

Two impulses negotiate this reflection over nature in the urban sphere; on one hand, a surreal displacement of place and position between our body and the grass when it is brought to the table and the benches and on the other, a subtle gesture that calls attention on the wild life that germinates unnoticed in between the stones, a delicate comment on misplaced values and ownership over public space.

??¿./¿Can unexpected playful interruptions in the routine of common everyday activities generate new ways of relating to the immediate environment??. . . …\\^?¿?

Variable dimensions. Rolled grass on chicken wire and yellow plastic tags.
Weimar, Germany. 2006

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Sabrina said...

What I love about these work is that finally you were able to take some of your roots to Weimar, in that grass rests a part of our family, hours of work in some strange "tesis" that turned out to be a great success, is a little reminder of where you come from and a little glimpse of what your future beholds.