The Imaginary journeys of Bus #4

The bus lines of Weimar go from 1 to 9. Mysteriously Bus #4 has disappeared. This absence is taken as the excuse to create an imaginary journey that will come to life when performed by the audience.

The work consists of a book and a route composed of eleven interventions in public space. The book serves as a kind of spatial and conceptual ‘guide’. It is composed of a map, a series of instructions, and some images that not only help the participant find the way but also awaken his sight. Leaving enough room for the viewer’s imagination and the unexpected, to be rendered within the given information. Hence making every journey different for each person.

Each intervention is developed specifically for the location and mostly with what is already there; in a subtle way that allows it to become part of the site itself. Thus the audience is challenged to observe the spaces intensely and in surprising ways, since they don’t know exactly what they are looking for.

In this engagement the piece is fulfilled. Places that often go unnoticed are deeply explored and for a brief moment come to life. The small interventions interrupt the urban grid and reveal the beauty of the ordinary. And as the participants move through the route, they experience the city with different eyes. While time goes by the spaces will change and, the experience will continue to rewrite itself in the memory of the spectators.

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Jon MarĂ­n said...

Me parece genial todo lo que haces. Lo encuentro de una sutileza extraordinaria, pero sin perder para nada la fuerza del mensaje. Es por eso que he escrito cuatro palabras sobre tu obra en mi blog.

Un saludo desde Barcelona