I was given the chance to be in Leuven, Belgium for almost three weeks. Is always interesting the things that catch your attention specially when you spend more time in a place you are not familiar with.

I saw the city once more and all the little flaws that are part of it began to be visible. Everything is always there if we take the trouble to look. Sometimes the cracks need to be fixed, other times they only need to be pointed, is the way of being conscious, of understanding that the space its alive.

Variable dimensions. Thumb taps applied on cracks in different parts of the city.
Leuven, Belgium. 2006

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Sabrina said...

La capacidad de ver situaciones más pequeñas, de ver belleza y destacarla en cosas cotidianas e incluso molestas para otros. La forma romantica de ver las cosas, de describirlas y captarlas tras una obturación, son las que haran que su trabajo se realce, sea novedoso y algo con lo que todos podemos identificarnos.