"a circumstacial mistake lead to an unraveling mistery trying to unfold a piece of paper while you see it turn into something else"

This summer I joined a class called 'Information Places // Sensing Place' I guess you can already get alot from the name. Anyway, in brief detail, we where asked to developed a project around the idea of information and its relation with space and how we perceive it, departing from our own personal research. On second hand we where given an entire exhibition building designed by Bauhaus architect Ernst Neufert in which the final research would be displayed. A square building of 10m x 10m x 10m, designed in such a way that on the inside you find 12 different levels (around 20 square meters per level), so each one of us basically had one level to display their work.

While being on the exhibition space I started to think how to metaphorically erase the structure so that you could 'see' what was behind. After a lot of brainstorming and dialog with the space I decided to chose a fixed point on my level (from where the spectator will look at the work) and to re-draw all the view that was hidden by the walls, onto them, with the view of two windows as reference to strengthen the sensation. On the end you would see the lines of the drawing meeting the existing lines outside and thus for a brief moment a kind of in-between space was created.

So the outside was recreated inside thus offering awareness of the space itself but also of the lanscape that otherwise would remain almost invisible.

Variable dimensions. Chalk, strings, nails, tape and transparent adhesive vinyl applied on walls.
*This work was part of the exhibition: "Information Places", within the 'Medien Rundgang', Bauhaus Universit├Ąt. Weimar, Germany. July 2007.

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