i-MPERFECT (made at home)

Am lucky if one person manages to scroll this far, but hey who is counting :) hope something here was of anyones interest.


Sabrina said...

China pues yo lo logre sin ningún esfuerzo y bastante placer. La página tiene un muy buen método de funcionamiento y es muy bien diseñada. Me alegra un montón que haya decidido poner su trabajo allá afuera, siempre es bueno y valiente exponerse frente a otros.

Kaleb said...

i like the use of vinyl cutouts, i have a bunch just sitting around from an old job, and never know what to do with it, but i like what you've done.

i also like the little gardens. they're cute! :)

Anonymous said...

I scrolled down here - love your stuff. I have blogged about it on


There are also some pics of "urban gardens" in Vienna.


medea said...

yo también llegué :)

Anonymous said...

Loved your ideas. It's all been very inspirational and I hope to put some of my own into action very soon.

Thanks for shareing your work.

debbie said...

love your work! especially the one on the back of street signs, and how subtly it was done! thanks for sharing them.